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Teen Birthday Party Ideas that will make you the Cool Mom on the block

I know you want to throw a birthday party that everyone will remember. But you’re feeling like why bother since every question you ask your teenager their response is “I don’t care” or “It doesn’t matter”. I’m going to tell you something momma, they really do care and they want you to do your thing and make a big fuss over them.

Maybe this is the first year you’ve been stuck on what birthday party theme to go with. You don’t want to do something that is too childish but you still want it to be fun and stylish. I get it, planning a birthday party for a teenager is tough.

I know coming up with 13 year old boy birthday party ideas is even more tough. They don’t seem to care about A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

In fact, earlier this year I planned my son’s 13 birthday party and at one point I wanted to just buy a $5 cake from our local grocery store put a candle on it and call it a day. But that feeling passed and I went into full party planning mode. But this mom actually forgot the candles on the big day. We borrowed pink candles from the sweet two year old’s birthday party next door.

Teen Birthday Party Ideas
He will always remember his pink candles.

It turns out that planning a teen birthday party can be fun and a huge success (even when you forget the candles).

Okay, so how do you plan a teen birthday party that will make you the cool parent on the block?

First, you need to let your teen decide the theme and some of the details of the party. If you’re a type A mom like me, I know it’s hard to let go. Giving them a list of themes as a starting point works great. That way, you can keep expectations realistic and it also helps with the “I don’t know” answers. Some of the ideas I put on my son’s list were basketball, glow in the dark and trampoline. They were all things he enjoys, he would have a blast with his friends and I knew I could come up with some cool details for his party.

My son, Dallas, was super excited about basketball and started googling ideas but it got out of hand quickly.

He announced he wanted an 2k19 themed party with the spin the wheel for cash and actual shops like the game where his friends could buy sneakers or jerseys. Say what?! Let’s bring your expectations down a notch or two son. We can do a basketball theme but we’re not giving away money or Yeezys. We compromised and gave away Graffiti basketballs with the boys names on them as party favors. He’s still bragging about the cool basketballs months later.

Basketball Birthday Party Ideas
Graffiti Basketballs by Columbus Airbrush

I went hunting for top 10 epic teen birthday party themes and this is what I found.

I’m thinking you could win the ‘cool parent’ award by going with one of these ideas (or at least until you take away their cell phone again).

1. Instagram or Snapchat Party

Girlfriends + Photoshoot. Best day EVER.

Instagram Teen 13th birthday Party
Instagram Party by Kara’s Party Ideas

#2. Outdoor Movie Night

If your teen loves movies, this is a great theme to go with. They will get to hang with their friends, eat popcorn and lots of sugar. Seriously, how cute is the Movie marquee sign! If you like DIY projects, here are the instructions on how to make the sign.

Outdoor Movie Theme 13th Birthday Party Ideas
Movie Party by Kara’s Party Ideas

#3. Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

I know the glow in the dark parties have been popular for years but this one takes it to a whole new level. Tip: “Black out” the entire venue with black curtaining. Use special fluorescent spray paint on props so that they would “pop out” when you flash black light (UV light) onto them.

Glow in the Dark Teen Birthday Party.
Glow in the Dark Party by Kara’s Party Ideas

#4. Nike Birthday Party

If your teen is into basketball and SNEAKERS, this Nike party is trendy and extreme! If you can pull this party off, you’re scoring some major cool mom points.

Nike Sneaker Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Nike Party by The Celebration Society

#5. Starbucks Birthday Party

Oh, Frappe! I’m sure this would be a hit with your Starbucks lovin’ teenager.

Starbucks Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Starbucks Party by Catch My Party

#6. Color War Birthday Party

Super fun for your teen’s birthday party! If I could throw my son’s birthday party outside (he’s a January baby and we live in Ohio), I would totally pick this theme. I can see this happening at a family get together very soon!

Ready to plan this fun party? Buy your colorful Hippie Powder.

Rad Color Party by Hollyhocks & Honeybees

#7. Baseball Birthday Party

If your son lives and breaths baseball this theme is a great choice. What I love about this theme is that you can add a vintage flair to make it more mature and cool enough for your teen. You can’t go wrong with baby ruth, big league chew and cracker jacks.

Baseball Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Baseball Party by Catch My Party

#8 March Madness Basketball Party

Nothing says epic party more than a basketball themed dance floor! If your son is a basketball fan like mine, this is a great 13th birthday party theme.

#9 Crafty Lucky Birthday Party

It will be all laughs & giggles as the girls get glammed up and decorate colorful bottles.

Crafty Birthday by The Celebration Society

#10 Let’s Flamingo

Your daughter and her friends will fall in love with this tropical theme. From the pink & mint green colors to the pineapple parfaits. Every detail is wonderfully put together.

Flamingo Teen Birthday Party Ideas
Let’s Flamingo by Catch My Party

So, there you have it. 10 Teen Birthday Party Ideas. Are you starting to feel like the cool mom on the block?

Now that you have have some cool birthday theme ideas, let the party planning begin! If any of these ideas fit your teenager, I say go for it and celebrate in a big way. Turning thirteen is a big step in their life, so celebrating in style is a must!

In case you don’t know already, I love to celebrate and talk parties. If you need any help planning, coming up with themed food ideas, decor ideas or ways to add a personal touch to your party, I’m your girl.

Send me a message and I can help you throw a party your teenager will be bragging about for months (and it’s leverage for when they want to talk their way out of doing chores).