About Us


I believe there’s always a reason to throw a party & celebrate and love when you can tell your story in all the small details. xo

I’m Jennifer and welcome to Celebrate with Jen. I’m so excited that you’re here! I’m obsessed with organization, love to create and always look for a reason to throw a party. I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and teenage son. Here at Celebrate with Jen, you will find inspiration and tools to…

I’ve loved and lost in big ways and that might be why I choose joy and like to celebrate all the little + big moments in life. If there’s something to celebrate, I’m totally there. With pretty decorations and making sure your story is told in the small details.

This is my story

We all have a story and I would love to hear yours one day. 

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and had a desire to help others. Since I was a little girl I remember dreaming up ways I could create + share my love for crafts and parties with the world. My story starts back in 2006 when I desired to stay home with my newborn son, Dallas. On a whim, at my kitchen table, I started an online stationery & gift shop Fun & Sassy Designs. Word spread about my little stationery shop and it grew to where I hired a team of talented people to help me create + grow my vision. 7 years later, in 2013, I made the tough decision to close the doors to Fun & Sassy Designs.

I believe that whatever you do, you need to do it from your heart. I realized that my heart was no longer in it and the business success and money were my idols. I closed shop to focus on my mission of building relationships. With Christ, my family and loving + serving others. 

I took a year off to be still and embrace the unknown. I served by doing small things in my community and city. It’s amazing how much your life can transform when you put serving as the foundation.

God opened a door to work full-time for my local school district and I left my days of working and creating from home behind. Years went by, my son was getting older and I always felt like there was something missing. My work is rewarding, I love the kids and I seriously have the best boss ever but there was a piece of me missing. You see, I love to create beautiful things, organize, and celebrate all of life’s little and big moments. It’s my way of serving others and it brings me so much JOY. 

That is when I had an AHA moment…the missing piece was YOU…the community I serve. Writing + Connecting + Creating is like breathing for me. With the support of my husband, I decided to take over the spare bedroom in our house and Celebrate with Jen was born.

Living creatively has truly become a way of life…and for that I’m grateful. I am here for YOU.  It’s my hope that I inspire you to welcome guests into your home & throw lots of amazing parties!

By grace alone,